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Oral Hygiene

What is Oral Hygiene?

Nowadays, Dentistry is not limited to the treatment of oral diseases. It also prevents them from developing and promotes health. And these are also the aims of Oral Hygiene, to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

The origin of the most common oral diseases – tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis – which often lead to tooth loss, is related to the accumulation of bacteria and tartar in the oral cavity.

Combined with the removal of bacterial plaque – the result of the accumulation of food remains, bacteria and saliva in the oral cavity – and tartar, daily Oral Hygiene habits prevent and reduce the appearance of oral diseases, building and maintaining a healthy smile.

Oral Hygiene begins at home

Underestimating daily oral hygiene care is a mistake that often brings many consequences, such as the ones we saw above. Therefore we can only expect some of the work to be done by the Oral Hygienist or the Dentist, whom we usually only see every 6 months.

Some of the precautions that we recommend include:

  • Brushing your teeth 3 times a day, after meals;
  • Use dental floss every day before brushing your teeth;
  • Scrape the tongue, where a large amount of bacteria accumulates;
  • Drink much water;
  • Have a healthy diet.

These are basic precautions that benefit everyone, regardless of their age, whether they have natural teeth or replacement solutions, and even when they have good Oral Health.


Step by step in Oral Hygiene appointment

At the Hugo Madeira Clinic, the Oral Hygiene consultation is divided into 6 phases, which we now detail through our detailed description.


  1. Diagnosis

Through an oral clinical examination and x-rays, the presence of possible pathologies that require treatment is detected. It is also determined which treatments and instruments to use during the appointment.


  1. Bacterial Plaque Revealer

The GBT protocol makes all bacterial plaque that is not detectable with the naked eye visible. In this way, the patient can identify the areas with a more significant accumulation of bacterial plaque. And with the help of the Oral Hygienist, the most effective methods for its daily removal are defined.

The complete removal of the stain applied to the teeth by the Oral Hygienist means that all bacterial plaque has been eliminated.


  1. Motivating and instructing Oral Hygiene habits

The Oral Hygienist seeks to inform the patient about the most appropriate techniques for plaque removal so that oral hygiene is more effective daily.

Considering the many solutions available regarding Oral Hygiene products in the market, the Oral Hygienist must adjust the patient to the best solution for their needs.

  1. Scaling and pigment removal.

The treatment consists of removing dental tartar using the new GBT protocol.  

Extrinsic pigmentation, caused by the patient’s diet and habits, is removed through a water and powder jet to obtain a tooth surface free of stains. The treatment is finished by polishing all the teeth and dental crowns.


  1. Re-evaluation

Before ending the appointment, all the dental structures are re-evaluated to detect possible lesions hidden by tartar or stains, as well as to examine whether all the treatments have been performed efficiently.


  1. Dental remineralization

When justified, after scaling, fluoride is applied. These help prevent sensitivity and tooth decay.

The treatment carried out at the Oral Hygiene consultation allows you to achieve healthy teeth and gums, without extrinsic stains, preventing the appearance of new oral diseases. This way, oral health is guaranteed and an aesthetically pleasing smile is achieved.

Safe and minimally invasive

At the Hugo Madeira Clinic, we follow the GBT – Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol, which consists of minimally invasive and totally safe treatment.

This method, which is more comfortable for the patient, uses a dye that reveals the existence of biofilm (bacterial plaque). Therefore, it is easier to identify the areas of a greater incidence of biofilm, and hygiene becomes more effective.

More about GBT — Guided therapy through Biofilm

higiene oral (filha)
higiene oral (filha)

An irresistible smile

Teeth whitening is one of the most requested aesthetic treatments. It is simple to perform, and the smile becomes more beautiful and radiant!


Nowadays, many homemade solutions for dental whitening promise great results, but many of them can harm your Oral Health and general health. The ideal thing is always to carry out the treatment with the guidance of qualified and certified professionals to ensure you whiten your teeth without damaging them. 

More about Whitening


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